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Looking for “Sesame Vinegar” for a special cooking project

September 29, 2014

A friend recently asked us if we knew where to get “Sesame Vinegar” for a special cooking project they were doing. Here’s my response. Since I’ve never heard of a wine or other alcohol being made from sesame, which you need to make a true “sesame vinegar”, I am assuming... Read more

Making Ricotta cheese with our garlic vinegar

September 8, 2014

A customer passed this along…I just tried something with your garlic vinegar and thought I’d share: I used the garlic vinegar in equal portions with cider or white vinegar and used the combination as the acid to make ricotta cheese. It gives the ricotta a wonderful mild garlic flavor –... Read more

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“Everyone should try the garlic vinegar! Fry up some potatoes and sprinkle some on top. Best fries EVER!” — Lauren Hale

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