Clover Valley Recipes

With a little guidance from recipes you can explore using your own senses of taste and smell to make them you own family favorites. Remember to share…that’s how most traditional recipes got developed. We’d love feedback on how you used our recipes and any that new or old favorites that you’d like to share here too! (send feedback or a recipe to share).

Traditional recipes that call for any kind of vinegar or lemon juice are even more wonderful with our fruit or herb infused vinegars. For example, use a Dill infused vinegar to make the best Refrigerator Pickles ever. Pickled Crab Apples are even more amazing with the Juneberry-Currant vinegar, use the honey infused if you like a little more sweetness. Grandma Hale’s Banana Bread uses vinegar to curdle the milk used in this recipe, our fruit vinegars add a subtle but wonderful flavor to this multi-generational favorite!

For best results and maximum flavor,
add any culinary vinegar at the very end of the cooking process or just before serving.

Here’s a handy conversion chart for US measures!