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It’s not too late to register for “The Making of Vinegars” and “Preserving Herbs Using Vinegars & Salts” on Saturday, October 22nd!

at Bluff Country Coop in Winona, only $7 per class for members and $10 for non-members…now that a deal! Call 507-452-1815 to register

“The Making of Vinegars” – 9 to 11 am – Cindy Hale of Clover Valley Farms & Vinegary will give a quick introduction to the different type of vinegars, how they are made and their different characteristics. She will then lead you through the steps of creating your own homemade fruit vinegars. You bring an unopened bottle of wine and an empty, clean a quart-sized canning jar. She will provide the bacterial “mother” and an easy to follow procedure for culturing your own homemade and healthful vinegars.

“Preserving Herbs with Vinegars and Salts” – 1 to 3 PM– Love those fresh herbs! Dried or frozen herbs just aren’t the same, so learn how to preserve those fabulous fresh herb flavors using different vinegars and salts. You can maximize the “fresh” herb flavors so you can have it at your fingertips when they aren’t in season! We will provide everything you need to do 2 different herb-vinegar infusions and one salt infusion. BUT, if you have fresh herbs and/or vinegars you’d like to use, bring them along, with some extra canning jars!