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Looking for “Sesame Vinegar” for a special cooking project

A friend recently asked us if we knew where to get “Sesame Vinegar” for a special cooking project they were doing. Here’s my response. Since I’ve never heard of a wine or other alcohol being made from sesame, which you need to make a true “sesame vinegar”, I am assuming this refers to a vinegar INFUSED with sesame. To make that yourself, get the best vinegar you can buy (ours of course!) and the best sesame you can buy…probably raw and not toasted? You’d crush the sesame seed just to break the outer coat (~ 4oz. per gallon, convert to the unit you’ll work with), put them in a cloth bag and put the bag in the vinegar for 2-4 weeks. Then pull out the bag and…voila, sesame infused vinegar. For something like this, where you want the sesame to be the strongest flavor, you might try our Rhubarb vinegar (available only on our website right now). This years batch is a soft, gentle Rhubarb flavor that won’t compete overly much with the sesame. The Juneberry-Currant is much stronger fruity flavor. Depending on what you are making you may or may not want this.  If anyone else has comments we’d love to hear them!