Juneberry Currant Meadowsweet Honey Shrub


12.7 oz glass bottle.

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We always say, a great vinegar comes from a great wine…here’s proof!

First, we fermented the Juneberries & Currants into a lovely wine, then added the mother which converts to wine to a delicious vinegar. We had a bumper crop of Meadowsweet this year which has a lovely gentle floral aroma that came through nicely after infusing it into the vinegar. We chose to use cane sugar for sweetening rather than honey to preserve that sweet yet subtle aroma.

This fresh & bright fruit shrub is excellent in beverages and lots of culinary applications. For a refreshing soda, mix a shot of shrub with 12 oz. carbonated water. Add a shot of spirit of your choice for an amazing cocktail! Whisk with a touch of mustard, pinch of fresh herbs and oil for an awesome salad dressing. Splash it over fresh fruit or ice cream for a really special treat!