Ebonized Red Elm Platter


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This lovely platter gets its rich deep tones from the dance between the annual growth rings of red elm iron acetate which naturally ebonized the wood without the use of any dyes. The bowl measures 13/4″ high x 11.5″ diameter. The slightly footed bottom makes for a smooth finish and no wobbling on the table. It uses a food-grade flat finish. Signed by Jeff Hall 1/15/16

Additional Information

iron acetate = not a dye, this vinegar steel wool solution is painted onto the wood and through a chemical interaction with the lignin in the wood (the stuff that makes wood strong) ebonizes the wood. It yields a lovely affect because the amount of lignin varies within the annual growth rings and the wood overall so you get a lovely gradation of color unique to each piece of wood.

flat finish = This is a made from a mixture of walnut oil, beeswax and carnauba for a deep penetrating and durable but soft looking food-grade finish. To clean, just wipe with a damp rag.