Oak Acetate Bowl


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I used iron acetate to create a design on this one. Oak darkens a lot when using iron acetate because of all the natural tannins in the wood. It has a semi-gloss food-grade finish. 3.25 inches high by 11.75 inches wide. Signed Jeff Hall, 3/26/18

Additional Information

iron acetate = not a dye, this vinegar steel wool solution is painted onto the wood and through a chemical interaction with the lignin in the wood (the stuff that makes wood strong) ebonizes the wood. It yields a lovely affect because the amount of lignin varies within the annual growth rings and the wood overall so you get a lovely gradation of color unique to each piece of wood. Semi-gloss finish = This hand blended mixture of Tung oil, oil-based poly and paint thinner is the same as used for the glossy finish but fewer applications which yields a more satiny finish. It’s wiped on the wood, allowed to dry. The bowl is then allowed to cure so all of the VOC’s evaporate off leaving a lovely, stable, food-grade finish to the piece. To clean, just wipe with a damp rag.