Rain Drop Birch Bowl


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This unusually large and clear piece of paper birch was roughed out and allowed to cure for over a year before being turned into its final shape. This lovely wide bowl clearly called for decoration. The top edge is decorated with large wood burned rain drops and stippling that breaks and falls downward to the bottom where you find more rain drops, darkened using iron acetate. The bowl measures 3″ high x 12″ wide and a 1/2 inch thick wall. The slightly footed bottom makes for a smooth finish and no wobbling on the table. It uses a food-grade glossy finish. Signed by Jeff Hall 3/19/17

Additional Information

iron acetate = not a dye, this vinegar steel wool solution is painted onto the wood and through a chemical interaction with the lignin in the wood (the stuff that makes wood strong) ebonizes the wood. It yields a lovely affect because the amount of lignin varies within the annual growth rings and the wood overall so you get a lovely gradation of color unique to each piece of wood.

glossy finish = This hand blended mixture of Tung oil, oil-based poly and paint thinner is wiped on the wood, allowed to dry and repeated until a beautiful glossy finish is achieved. The bowl is then allowed to cure so all of the VOC’s evaporate off leaving a lovely, stable, food-grade finish to the piece. To clean, just wipe with a damp rag.