Vinegar Sampler


Each box contains three 2 oz. bottles of our fabulous vinegars and a full set of recipe cards.

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Contains a 2 oz bottle of the Rhubarb – Basil Infused Vinegar, Rhubarb – Garlic Infused Vinegar and Rhubarb – Dill Infused Vinegar, plus a full set of recipe cards. Once you have these in your kitchen you won’t want to be without them!  A dash here and a splash there will add bright, fresh, herbal flavors to all manner of foods, soups, salads, vegetable and ohhh so much more!

This set of vinegars are a great set to have on hand for tossing with salads, sprinkling on vegetables, making sparkling sodas and to splash in a cocktail mix!  Check out the hundreds of recipes on our website to get inspired!

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