Spalted Birch Spatual Holder


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Simple and gorgeous! This clear, yet gently spalted piece of paper birch will sit proudly on your kitchen counter holding spatulas & spoons or a dried flower arrangement as a centerpiece for a lovely dinner. The spalting in this vessel display both zone lines and soft bleaching. It measures 7 1/4″ high x 6″ diameter and uses a food-grade glossy finish. Signed by Jeff Hall 5/18/2018

Additional Information

spalted = “Spalting” refers to changes wood coloration caused by fungi that colonize either dead or stressed wood. Spalted wood is sought after by craftsmen because of the wonderful patterns it can create. The wood turner stops the process of fungal colonization but keeps the beautiful affects. The lovely black traces seen throughout this piece of wood are called “zone lines” and are basically walls that the fungi set up to horde their resources from other fungi that might want to steal them! Zone lines are often associated with slightly bleached areas caused by “white rot” fungi, primarily found in hardwood trees. The white rot fungi decompose the lignin in the wood giving it that white bleached appearance. The wood turner stops the decay process capturing the lovely patterns.

glossy finish This hand blended mixture of Tung oil, oil-based poly and paint thinner is wiped on the wood, allowed to dry and repeated until a beautiful glossy finish is achieved. The bowl is then allowed to cure so all of the VOC’s evaporate off leaving a lovely, stable, food-grade finish to the piece. To clean, just wipe with a damp rag.