Shrub-a-dub-dub Sample Box!


Three of our most popular shrubs, in one box! Sumac-Wild Cherry Shrub, Snowdrop Shrub and Wild Cherry-Basil Shrub

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One bottle each of our Sumac-Wild Cherry Shrub, Snowdrop Shrub and Wild Cherry Basil Shrub, an amazing trifecta of flavors.
The Sumac-Wild Cherry Shrub is made from wild harvested sumac berries that were steeped to make a tea, blended with our Wild Cherry vinegar and slightly sweetened yielding a soft and woodsy aroma, yet sweet & tangy shrub that we use all the time in our morning tea and for sparking sodas add cocktails.
We named “Snowdrop Shrub” in honor of our fabulous employee, Eldri Snow, who developed the recipe using wild harvested spruce tips, wildflower honey and our apple vinegar. It rocks in a cocktail with gin or bourbon and makes the base of a killer salad or slaw dressing!
The Wild Cherry vinegar makes another appearance, but this time with fresh, sweet basil for a fruity, slightly sweet & tangy shrub with the lovely basil nose in our Wild Cherry-Basil Shrub! It makes a wonderful sparking soda, add spirit of your choice for a stunning cocktail, or go straight to the dessert round by drizzling this over a cake, fresh fruit or ice cream. Have fun and be creative, try new flavor combinations and surprise yourself! This sampler box obviously makes a great gift too!

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