Sumac Berry & Wild Cherry Shrub Sample Box


From us to you, try these flavor combinations and you will be a convert! Sumac-Wild Cherry Shrub, Basil infused salt, Rhubarb Rosemary Honey Mustard and Aronia Fruity Jelly Jam.

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Wild harvested sumac berries were steeped to make a tea, blended with our Wild Cherry vinegar and slightly sweetened yielding a soft and woodsy aroma, yet sweet & tangy shrub that we use all the time in our morning tea and for sparking sodas add cocktails. As with all shrubs, don’t forget the dessert round! Add a small amount of the shrub to frosting or melted white chocolate. While you are dressing up desserts & beverages, go ahead and sprinkle in tiny bit of the basil salt too! The Aronia Fruity Jelly Jam is awesome on toast but also pairs well with Brie or sharp cheddar cheese & wine. The Basil infused salt is perfect in or on anything tomato. The Honey mustard is awesome on a sandwich, in potato salad, or as a rub on chicken or pork for amazing flavor and moisture! Whisk all four ingredients together for a killer salad or slaw dressing. Be bold in the kitchen and use them for salads, sauces, sandwiches, marinades and more. Indulge yourself or give it as a gift that will be remembered!

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