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Time to put the farm to bed…

We have had 2 light frosts, but no hard freezes and we are week into October, very unusual!

However, there is frost in the forecast and the growing season is coming to a close. Today I downloaded the last of the seasons temperature and wetness data in the orchards and see that we are sitting at 1,288 degrees days (average for us for a season), but only 110 of those “degree days” (measure of heat) have accumulated since August 31st! So if you feel it has been cold and cloudy for weeks, you are correct.

Today we will harvest the last of the outdoor crops and move potted herbs into the greenhouse. Then we begin the process of final mowing, mulching and putting winter protection on all of our apple trees.

Fall is a good time to reflect on the blessings we have been given and to look forward to a winter of spiritual rest (there is never an end to work!). Thanks to everyone who makes local farming possible!